Best AR 10 Rifles – Top 6 Best Ar-10 Rifle Reviews

Knowing and probably having the AR-15, you might ask yourself why should you consider buying an AR-10.  We know the ar-15 is the best of the best,  it has the best ergonomics, good to very good precision, it is not heavy, it’s modular and all that is missing is an attached tv set and a microwave.  But those might come soon and that is just a matter of time.

Why an ar-15 not an AR-10? Actually, the answer why an ar-10 we have to acknowledge first that the AR-15 has what it takes to be the uber rifle.  It has only one flaw or rather one slight shortcoming that in some situations make it a little bit less than ideal.  The shortcoming is its limit when it comes to power plain and simple.  The 5.56x45mm or 223 is less than ideal when it comes to range or punch.  However, there is a round 762×51 or 308 that delivers both even better. 

There is a rifle out there using this round and a weapon system pretty similar if not the same as the AR-15, it is the AR-10.  That is why you should consider buying an AR-10.  It delivers more punch at a greater range than the AR-15 with the same precision and ergonomics and even the same look,  you can use it for hunting, competitions and home or self-defense. 

Having an AR-10 makes absolute sense, we should take a look at the best models on the market.

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Best AR-10 Rifles

Best AR-10 Rifles On The Market

1. Aero M5E1

Our first candidate is the Aero M5E1.  Aero is known to be a high quality manufacturer with a good reputation.  They offer ARs as complete rifles, build kits as well as just uppers and lowers.  It is a good choice for everyone who has some budget constraints but is looking for a good rifle with a good precision.  With factory ammo and without much training you will easily be able to shoot sub-2 moa groups.  This means all your shots at 100 yards will be inside a ring with a diameter of less than 2 inches.  If you use hand loads, might be able to tighten those groups to sub moa accuracy,  meaning that you’ll shoot all rounds in one group into a ring of less than one inch in diameter.  

This is great if you take into account that this is a rifle with a price tag of a little under fifteen hundred dollars.  Besides 7.62×51 millimeter or 308, you can also go for 6.5 Creedmoor.  You have the option to go with a builder’s kit or with a complete ready rifle. The complete rifle is the easy route, but the kit enables you to do some more customization.  For example for the Creedmoor, it pays to go with the h-bar 22-inch, 6.5 Creedmoor, AR-10 barrel.  For long-range precision, you will not go around one, further recommend upgrades are a wojak adjustable gas block, radian raptor charging handle and a VG6 muzzle brake.  When it comes to precision you might also want a Bushnell scope and wheeler rings, then you can hit right on the spot and that over long distance.

2. LWRCi REPR MKII 7.62 Rifle

LWRCi REPR MKII 7.62 Rifle alone the name reaper is already cool but that is not enough.

This rifle will lie and shoot well in your hands and that without long training as it has very easy handling characteristics, and very good ergonomics.  

This comes at no surprise,  Lwrci introduced the reaper into the competition for the CSASS (the compact semi-automatic sniper system).  They did not make it as Ak won that one, but now they have a rifle with sniper-like precision that they throw onto the civilian market.  

Actually, the REPR MKII is not the exact same rifle, but it is an update, this means it is an improved version of a sniper rifle that was pitched for the military.  The improvement includes a new gas system that allows you adjust the setting to 20 different positions. That is better than the original version which offered only two: one for suppressed and one for unsuppressed fire.  

Shoot it with some really good ammo like for example the Federal gold medal match 175 grain and you will hit all rounds in one group in a one inch circle at 200 yards, that is not one MOA, that is half a MOA. 

Precision like this has its price,  the LWRCi REPR MKII is yours for $4100.  However for this, you get a battle rifle with the highest standards.  By the way, if you’re looking for a dead on the shot precision AR-15, Lwrci does offer those too.

3. Daniel Defense DD5V2

The guys at Daniel Defense know what they’re doing, they got them some military contracts and they’re putting this experience to good use.  This means they offer you guns that shoot reliable every time and hit where you want that bullet to go. 

If it is precision you’re looking for you should go with the 6.5 Creedmoor version, this one comes with a 4 bolt system for the barrel and handguard attachments, a geissele ssa, two-stage trigger, dual ejectors, and oversized trigger guard.  

At 100 yards you can easily put half a magazine into a ring smaller than half an inch.  At 800 yards you will always hit a man-sized target.

There is not only any problem with that but it is also a piece of cake, this makes this gun great for hunting, competition, and home defense on a farm or otherwise big territory.

What about the price with that precision?  The good news is that it won’t break your bank, but it is also not necessarily a budget rifle, you can get one for the nice sum of $2500.

4. Sig Sauer 716i Tread

A real treat ergonomic wise is the 716i from Sig, it is a direct impigmentation system but you can also get a version the 716g2 with a short stroke piston,  however piston systems are heavier and more expensive. 

With the 716i you have a lighter rifle for $500 or less,  and the direct impigmentation system is not to be trifled with.  

The gun shoots with a soft recoil and a high precision and that right out of the box, it comes with ambidextrous controls, a Magpul stock as well as a M lock handguard.  For 1300 yards, this is an impressive setup and an impressive system. 

5. Palmetto State Armory AR-10 Gen 3 

The Pa-10 is a very good rifle and at the same time a really good deal.  Everything in this weapon is made by Palamida state armory in-house.  This keeps the price down and the quality up in the gen 3 version.  

It does not include an adjustable gas system,  this helps to reduce the felt recoil of the rather strong 308 rounds.  

However, there is one problem with this rifle for its low price of $799,  it is really hard to find, such a good deal does not wait for a long time to be taken. It comes with a budget price, good quality, once they are in stock it takes a short time and they’re out again.

Alternatively, you can use the modularity of the system and by the upper and lower completely separately,  this allows you to also avoid paying 11 tax on complete rifles. 

Also, you have some more options for the furniture and trigger.  For example, you can go with a stainless barrel to have more accuracy,  you can also have it shorter in 18 inches to make it easier to carry.

6. Brownells BRN-10

You know that the original Ar-15, the thing that became the colt M16 was a development of the ar-10.  However, after the AR-10 got rejected, the rights to it and tooling were sold.  In order to get the ar-10 of today, they had to be developed from the ar-15 of today.  While sharing the designation AR-10, they do not look the same and have some differences in ergonomics and modularity.  

If it is one of the original AR-10 that you long for you might not get what you want.

However, Brownells offers a version that comes pretty close to it in looks and functionality,  at $1600 you can get a rifle based on the original invention of Eugene stoner from the 1950s and 1960s.  

It has not come with the improvements of more modern AR-10s, but with the coolness of the original rifle, it brings you back to the good old days and manages to shoot very well at the same time.  You can use it for hunting and home defense but not necessarily for competition with the exceptions of those made for some older systems. 

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